The Magic Of Making Up With Your Ex

The Magic of Making Up eBookWhen couples break up, chances are that one partner may move on while the other partner feels totally lost. In case you are that person who feels lost, there is every possibility that things will never be alright until that moment when your ex gets back into your life and arms.

If you have any intention of bringing your ex back into your life; there are several things that you must bear in mind. They aren’t that difficult to remember; they are designed to assist you in making a reflection about yourself and erase what you think must be erased.

Below is a procedure on how to get your ex back, as we learn in the popular eBook, The Magic of Making Up, by T.W. Jackson.

1st Step For Magic Of Making Up

Immediately after a break up, both of you need to take time away from each other. It’s always a good idea to take some time to cool down. This enables both parties to clear their minds of those negative thoughts that strained that relationship. It’s always an important time for both of you. Each partner gets a chance to focus on himself/herself.

2nd Step

When all hope appears lost, fight back the negative feelings that always erupt when you least expect. Try to control your feelings not to think negatively. When you do this, you will appreciate everything about life. Do this even (or, should I say especially) when that feeling of rejection creeps in.

3rd Step

When most couples break up, its common for them to sit in silence; they tend to avoid company. This is more harmful than not. There is a need for couples to continue going out with friends after they break up; they must have optimism about the future. When you keep positive energy close to you, you get the strength to be determined in getting back what is rightfully yours.

4th Step

At some stage, you will need to access that relationship. Access the things that were good or bad in that relationship. Find out what caused the break up. Do not try faulting yourself or your ex; this is the biggest blunder you can ever make. Always bear in mind that both of you were responsible for that break up. Immediately you establish the problems that led to that break up, you can always try to improve and change so that you can never repeat the same mistakes in future.

5th Step For The Magic Of Making Up

If you have managed to get your ex back into your life then you must be a very lucky person. Be proud of spending more time with your former ex who is currently your lover. Do not try bringing back the stories that led to break up. The past now belong to history, let bygones be bygones. Focus on the present and the future.

Show your partner that you have changed and that you have turned over that new leaf. Trying to give the relationship another shot isn’t that bad after all. If you are positive in your thinking, things will always get better. Remember that if bad things have happened in the past, things can get better if you make an effort. If you stay positive, there is a way out. Make a choice. That’s part of the The Magic of Making Up, but of course there are many more things that you’ll need to consider – so buy the book and put it to use starting now!

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